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Hi there,

I hear from small business owners that they are working tirelessly on their biz but often not reaching any of their goals. That's why I've set out to offer a FREE 30-minute phone or video consultation with any business owner who is experiencing the same challenges.

I use my experience running the operations for divisions of Qualcomm for 20 years to pinpoint the issues keeping your business from capturing all potential revenue. After working in large corporations and now leading my own small business, I've seen first-hand how business owners lose track of their strategic goals and priorities by getting lost in day-to-day operations.

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The most common small business issues (as I describe in this post) that I come across are:

  1. Andy Kemal Small Business CoachTime mismanagement
  2. Lack of vision
  3. Lack of systematized, documented processes, procedures, roles and responsibilities.
  4. Ignorance or lack of interest of "the numbers"
  5. Short-term thinking


Do you have a capacity problem or too much business and not enough staff? Do your costs outrun revenues? Do you know your numbers? Do you even know HOW to understand your numbers? We will explore why you’re constantly working tirelessly, yet not reaching your goals.

I promise you will end our session with some clarity and specific steps to take.

Grab time on my calendar and let's review your current small business operations.


Andy Kemal

Founder, INFIX Small Business Coaching

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